Does Natural Deodorant Really Work?

Yes, Natural Deodorant Works the BEST

For years (I mean YEARS) I was a skeptic of natural deodorants and because I had so many issues with staying dry, I assumed that there was NO WAY a natural deodorant would be able to touch my sweating ways.  

After having my 3rd child, my sweating issues had kicked it up a notch, to the point that I never wore shirts that would show pit stains, so black shirts it was, all day long.  I was desperate, so I figured "what did I have to lose?"

I researched and put together my lists and decided to start with a couple that seemed to fit my scrutinized must haves.  

I started with bottlenone and Routine.... here is my experience.

I knew that there would be a "detox" period that would last about a week.  I decided to start my journey with bottlenone because IT IS THICK....not the type of deodorant you wear with sleeveless shirts however, the thick formula and reviews indicated that this was most likely my best "first".   When you detox, you may feel like is not working and want to revert back to your previous deodorant or anti-persperant - but keep pushing through.  I started my journey on a Monday, had a rough Wednesday and Thursday but was thrilled by Saturday.  Not only did I not STINK, I already noticed that how much I sweat had already reduced.

I continued to use bottlenone for a couple of months but then summer time came and I needed to find a deodorant that allowed me to wave my hands up in the air like I just don't care.  My next try try, Routine Deodorant.  

This was a new venture - I was supposed to use my fingers to apply?  Weird, but okay.  I started with Superstar, it is charcoal based which I figured was the safest option for me because the activated charcoal detoxifies.  Yes it is grey however it melted into my arm pits leaving VERY little trace.  With Routine, a little, and I mean a LITTLE goes a long way.  I was amazed....I was dry all day and fresh until the next morning.  After a week I had enough confidence to wear a non-black, pit stain showing shirt for the first time in I would assume years.  

It has now been a couple years and I have found new favourites and brought them to Roots Refillery.  My current favourite is Charcoal by Pickle & Bee - it has a thicker formula that seems to work best for me.  

So my conclusion?  There is no need to use harsh antiperspirant that I now believe my body was fighting, thus sweating excessively.  I now have the ability to not wear deodorant for a couple days and not even realize it - this was never an option pre-natural.  Everyone is different and one that works great for me may not do the trick for you and I feel your pain.  If you are looking to make the switch, please come in and see us.  We are happy to provide small samples of a few so that you can try them before committing.  

Life is too short to not wear the shirts you want :)  


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