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Caron & Doucet

Cutting Board Wax

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Caron & Doucet's 100% Plant-Based Cutting Board & Butcher Block Wax Finish uses exclusively renewable ingredients and optimizes the longevity of wood and bamboo kitchenware.

 Protects wooden kitchenware naturally, without petrochemicals! 

✓ FOOD SAFE WOOD FINISH | Creates a waterproof barrier that prevents the absorption of liquids that can cause food stains, water damage & bacteria from growing. Made entirely from food safe ingredients.

✓ CLEANS & ELIMINATES ODORS | Enhanced with a proprietary blend of pure essential oils that help to naturally eliminate odor causing bacteria, without transferring onto food. Makes cleaning easier by creating a finish that prevents food from drying and getting stuck onto the wood.

✓ DOES NOT GO RANCID | Made with a solvent-less, refined coconut oil base that has had it’s long-chain fatty acids removed. As a result, the oil stays in a liquid state and will not go rancid like common cooking oils.

IDEAL FOR: Wooden cutting boards, wooden butcher blocks, bamboo cutting boards, wooden kitchen utensils, wooden salad bowls.

INGREDIENTS: Refined coconut oil, raw coconut oil, rice bran wax, proprietary blend of essential oils.

200 gram tin, also refillable in store!


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