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Refilling at Roots Refillery is fun!  You can do it yourself or one of our Team members are happy to do it for you!

We sought out a fantastic Tare system that keeps everything simple and quick.  We encourage you to bring in an existing container but don't worry if you do not have one, we have lots of options in store.

1) Weigh your container

2) Scan a Roots Refillery Tag

3) Attach Tag to Container

4) Fill your container with as little or much as you want

5) Check out .  We will then scan your container tokens and the weight of your container will be removed - thus, only paying for the product you placed inside.

Don't forget that we also deliver locally and provide pick up.

We are located at 40 Strachan Crt SE (Same building as Thai Orchid Room) on the south side of the city near the Home Depot.