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LOMI - Home Composter

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Lomi Composter by Pela Earth - Electric Kitchen Composter

End green bin odours and food waste in one fell swoop. Meet Lomi. 

This indoor composter machine breaks down all your kitchen scraps into dirt in just a few hours. Yes, even that mouldy, 3-month-old pizza slice at the back of your fridge! 

Retire your traditional outdoor composter. It’s tricky to master, messy, pest-attracting, slow, and not winter friendly. This all-season electric kitchen composter is clean, fast, and easy-to-use. Compost ALL your kitchen waste. Mouldy block of cheese? Toss it in. Rotting leftovers abandoned in the back of your fridge? Perfecto. 

Eliminate stinky, leaky kitchen waste bags from your life.



Who knew your kids could get excited about cleaning up the kitchen after dinner? This kid friendly countertop electric composter accepts a variety of kitchen scraps. Let your kids add veggie & fruit scraps, eggshells, cheese, and meat. Let them press the button, and watch the magic unfold.


Suitable for apartments and small spaces

Perfect for even the smallest of households and apartments. Lomi makes composting accessible to every lifestyle. With its sleek white design, it looks beautiful on your kitchen counter. It takes up less space than your toaster oven!

Use your Lomi dirt to grow stuff! Grow beautiful produce on your balcony, and make indoor plants look lush and healthy.


Why should I care about food waste?

Food waste is one of the biggest threats to the environment. Rotting food creates methane gas, which contributes to global warming. It’s 25 times more potent than CO2! With 1.3 billion pounds of food wasted every year, it’s time for a real solution.

With Lomi, you reduce your kitchen waste and your environmental impact. More fun for you and your family, less smelly green bins to deal with.

How it works

This electric kitchen composter creates the perfect conditions for organic breakdown. It combines moisture, heat, and oxygen to break down your food waste. Instead of waiting months and months, you get usable, rich compost dirt in just a few hours!

Choose between 3 different cycles: Eco-Express, Grow, and Lomi Approved. 


  • Breaks down food scraps in 3-5 hours


  • Breaks down food scraps in 16-20 hours
  • Produces rich soil that you can add to your garden

Lomi Approved:

  • Breaks down food scraps in 5-8 hours
  • Accepts Lomi-approved bioplastics and biodegradable packaging, utensils, etc.

Every cycle has different house rules. Learn what can and can’t go in Lomi here.

How much energy does Lomi use?

On any cycle, Lomi uses 1 kWh of energy or less. Here’s how much energy each cycle uses.

Grow: 1 kWh

Lomi Approved: 0.75 kWh

Eco-Express: 0.6 kWh

Eco-Express mode uses 383% less energy than your oven or dishwasher!


About the brand

Lomi is the sister company of Pela Earth. 

In 2011, Pela Case founder Jeremy Lang started making compostable phone cases out of his garage in Saskatchewan. In 2018, Lang and his team began developing Lomi, the world’s first electric kitchen composter.

Pela Earth is committed to eliminating 10 billion pounds of global food waste by 2028.

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