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Does Lomi work? The Electric Kitchen Composter That Supposedly Turns “Trash Into Treasure”

Are you tired of stinky, leaky garbage bags reeking of rotting food in your kitchen? Do you live in an area without a green bin program? Are you eco-conscious and want to try your hand at composting, but can’t overcome the hassle of it all? 

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, it sounds like you’re in the market for an electric kitchen composter. Meet Lomi!

Lomi is the perfect gadget for any eco-warrior who’s serious about reducing their environmental impact. And there are some pretty sweet perks that come with using Lomi, too, from less odours in your kitchen to nutrient-rich dirt for your vegetable garden.

But with such a hefty price tag (to the tune of $649 CAD), it might leave you wondering, “Does Lomi actually work?” How can an electric kitchen composter turn food scraps into dirt in as little as 4 hours when traditional outdoor composting takes 9 months to see results!? 

Read on to find out!

White countertop electric kitchen composter with green light shining

How Does Lomi Work?

Where traditional composting methods take months to decompose food waste, Lomi can do it in as little as 4 hours. The machine creates the right moisture, heat, and oxygen levels to maximize decomposition. Additionally, this electric kitchen composter grinds particles, making decomposition faster and introducing more oxygen.

You can read more about the microorganisms involved in decomposition on the Lomi site

Lomi has three modes: Eco-Express, Grow, and Lomi-Approved. Let’s go over them now.


  • Breaks down organic waste in 3-5 hours
  • Compost (almost) anything, including cheese and raw meat


  • Breaks down organic matter in 18-24 hours
  • Makes nutrient-rich soil that replaces fertilizer in your garden
  • Maintains helpful microorganisms so your plants and produce can thrive
  • Restrictions apply


  • Breaks down organic matter in 5-8 hours
  • Accepts Lomi-approved bioplastics, compostable food packaging, utensils, etc.

Black bucket containing decomposed bioplastics with dirt-like consistency

This Sounds Too Good To Be True…Prove It!

You might be in disbelief that the Lomi can really turn your food scraps into dirt. After all, it’s a novel concept. If you’re not convinced that it works, head to Lomi’s reviews page where you can see thousands of positive reviews with photos of customers’ Lomi dirt.

In fact, the photos on this blog are of our own Lomi dirt! We’re Lomi diehards too (can you tell?), and use it several times a week at home.

Perks Of Using Lomi

This electric kitchen composter comes with a whole host of benefits that will transform your life. 

Yes, the main purpose of the Lomi is to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions. But we’re equally excited about how the Lomi will benefit YOU. Let’s take a look at the long list of perks of using Lomi.

No More Stinky Garbage/Green Bin Odours

You won’t have to deal with stinky, rotting food scraps that pile up in your garbage or green bin, ever again. That means no more leaky bags dripping garbage juice all over your kitchen floor. It means you don’t need to line your garbage bins with plastic bags. It also means less trips to the garbage bin in -30 degrees C in the middle of winter! Woohoo!

A Cleaner, Easier Way To Compost

Traditional compost is messy, smelly, hard to master, time-consuming, and takes months to see results. Lomi takes all the mess, smell, and trickery out of composting. No turning, no figuring out “greens and browns” ratios, and practically no waiting.  

Compost During All Seasons

Traditional outdoor composting is a noble deed, but it’s tricky in the winter months. At best, it’s a pain in the butt, and at worst, it’s downright impossible. Lomi lets you compost your food scraps in all seasons!

In the winter months, we recommend adding your Lomi dirt to a large container with a lid. When summer rolls around, your Lomi dirt is ready to use in your garden!

Very Few Food Restrictions

Outdoor composting systems don’t let you add dairy or meat products, unless you’re trying to make more racoon friends. Lomi lets you add all sorts of funky food waste items–mouldy cheese, that three-month-old slice of pizza at the back of your fridge… you name it!

There are a handful of things you can’t add to Lomi, which you can read about here

Great For People In Areas With No Green Bin Program

If you live in a municipality with no green bin and shudder at the idea of adding kitchen scraps to your garbage bin, Lomi is the perfect solution. Simply toss your Lomi dirt into your backyard, or if you’re using Grow mode, use your Lomi dirt for gardening!

Support Canadian

Lomi is the sister company of Pela Earth, a Canadian company. The company originally made compostable phone cases, and the founder hails from Saskatchewan. 

Use Your Lomi Dirt To Grow Stuff

Grow mode lets you make nutrient-rich soil in 18-24 hours. You can mix this nutrient-rich soil with regular Lomi dirt at a 1:10 ratio, and use it to start that magnificent vegetable garden you’ve always been dreaming of! Hello, cherry tomatoes, zucchinis and eggplants!

Black bucket containing brown dirt made of decomposed food scraps

If Lomi Uses Electricity, How Is It Eco-Friendly?

This is one of the top questions about using Lomi. The thing is, making Lomi dirt actually offsets your electricity use!

Rotting food, which is responsible for 20-23% of landfill waste, creates methane gas, a potent greenhouse gas. This greenhouse gas traps 25 times more heat than CO2! Preventing methane emissions by making Lomi dirt negates the electricity you use to power it.

Despite using electricity, Lomi creates a net-lower impact than sending food waste to a landfill.

The power usage depends on the mode you choose, but it uses the same amount of power used to run a cycle on your dishwasher or power your oven for 15 minutes. 

Learn more about different scenarios for Lomi usage here

Black bucket containing coffee grounds, eggshells, onion skins, and other kitchen food scraps next to Lomi electric kitchen composter

Trash To Treasure

Lomi streamlines your life, with less garbage and kitchen odours, while dramatically reducing your greenhouse gas emissions. It’s fun to use, and it’s the perfect gadget for a family with inquisitive kids and avid gardeners. 

Ready to start your journey to more sustainable living? Change your life for the better–buy your Lomi today!